i have a degree in fiction and poetry writing, which means i wrote a whole bunch of things about made-up people before i started writing a whole bunch of things about brands. still do! i spend my days writing ad copy and my nights writing YA fiction about finding your people, falling in love, and figuring it all out (or trying to, anyway).

i’m an active member of the rocky mountain chapter of the society of children’s book writers and illustrators. you can find me tweeting about all things bookish here.

i’m represented by adria goetz of martin literary management.

We’re Still Here — YA contemporary fiction

When sixteen-year-old Grace Sloane arrives in Falls River at the beginning of the summer before her junior year, she’s fully prepared for—and okay with—spending the next three months alone. She doesn’t know anyone in this new town, and she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to hang out with her mom and new stepdad—especially since they forced her to leave her beloved dad behind. But then she meets vivacious Marloe McLaren, the girl who used to live in her new house, and everything changes.

Because Marloe’s not just a girl—she’s a ghost. And only Grace can see her.

To everyone else—Marloe’s parents, her cousin Jay, her best friends—Marloe’s unconscious, lying in a coma as the result of a car accident four months earlier. Grace soon discovers that Marloe’s quiet, enigmatic cousin Jay was driving the car at the time of the accident, but a concussion left him unable to remember any of the details. As a way of channeling their anger and grief over Marloe’s accident, Marloe’s parents file a lawsuit against Jay for reckless driving. The truth, though, is the accident was actually Marloe’s fault. And Marloe needs Grace to bring her secret to light before the lawsuit creates a chasm between the families that can’t be bridged.

Grace’s efforts to help reunite Marloe’s devastated family draw her into Marloe’s close group of friends, and she finds herself in the precarious role of filling the hole Marloe left behind. Even more complicated, she’s falling hard for Jay. As their connection deepens, Grace fights to find a way to tell Jay the truth without admitting she can see Marloe’s ghost and risking the destruction of their relationship—and Marloe’s only chance at fulfilling her dying wish—for good.