AMERICAN PECANS: THe Original Supernut

the pecan is america's only native tree nut. it's been around just as long as our country has, and everyone knows it for one, delicious thing: pecan pie. but the fact is, american pecans are loaded with protein, fiber, and nutrients. they're super versatile, super american, super nutritious, and super tasty. they're The Original Supernut. 

we set out to re-brand pecans to show america how much more there is to 'em than thanksgiving pie. and we kicked off with a one-day "Not Pie Shop" in NYC that featured recipe demos, product innovations, and celebrity appearances.

1,300 people visited the Not Pie Shop, include Katharine McPhee, Chef Matt Abdoo, and registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. The Original Supernut's story was picked up by USA Today, The New York Times, Washington Post... the list goes on. 5 million people tuned into the pecan's debut on Good Morning America. In all, our launch garnered nearly 300 million impressions. How's that for the humble little pecan?

copywriting: ellen waddell // art direction: rei young // creative direction: emma arnold